The Espressologist By Kristina Springer

Need a little something to keep you warm at nights? How about a nice expresso with shot of love?Kristina Springer debuts The Epressologist with a fast paced witty, cute romance novel that leaves you yearning for more. This book has everything you ever wanted- friendship, romance and with a twist of coffee. For all of you Rachel Hawthorne fans or happy ending stories, this book is for you. At first I was very aprehensive to read this book because first I was worried that this story would be to fast and the characters would be undeveloped. But this books proves otherwise. I got hooked by page one! This story left me giggling so much and wishing there really some "Epresologist" out there.Maybe there is? This story had a great concept and definetley a unique story line. While some parts were predictable, the laugh out loud moments I had, made it even better! Kristina Springer leaves you wanting to root for Jane Turner to find her true love!