Shadowland by Meg Cabot Review

Shadowland (The Mediator, Book 1)
Harper Collins
ISBN 0060725117
304 Pages
Meet Suze Simon your typical 17 year old a sassy, tough Brooklyn babe with a bit of a temper, who doesn’t let anything get in her way --especially those pesky ghost that always comes to her at the most unconventional times, if she likes it or not. The ghost seems to come whenever they please and never seem to leave until Suze helps them with their unfinished business with the living. All right maybe isn’t your typical 17 year old but the opposite.
Suze Simon is what you would call a mediator-- born (others may say) with a gift but to her it’s a pain in butt. So far the ghosts got her in so much trouble she got put in a psychiatric ward, dubbed as the “bad girl” in school ( not that she minds that), and strained her relationship between her mother. This is her little secret she keeps to herself. Now she doesn’t see as much ghost as before.
So moving from Brooklyn to sunny California with her mom and her new family doesn’t seem like a bad idea. She reluctantly agrees to go move with her new family in California. Moving there, she is leaving back all that she loves, her friends and admirers, her grandma,
The memories, and most importantly her dad. Who is dead of course and visits her time to time. She worries moving to California she will not see him anymore. But thinksmoving to another state will get rid of her “problem”. But boy is she wrong.
When she arrives in her new room, in Caramel, California. Jesse, the hot ghost haunting her bedroom, doesn’t want her help. To Suze it’s relief. Moving here is her plan to start fresh, by going to malls and surfing. The very day of school there is already a problem -- a ghost problem. Realizes figuring out this case will not be as easy as she thought. And threatening the ghost doesn’t make the situation any better. Will she be able to help this ghost or will the ghost get to her first?
Meg Cabot does a beautiful job, creating a new world that literally sucks us into. Her plot is very enjoyable and relatable which makes the story very delightful. Many young adult readers will enjoy this series. And fans of Meg Cabot will not be disappointed.
Welcome to the life of Suze Simon, where seeing ghost is normal and sending them to afterlife is even better. Sit back and enjoy the adventures of Suze Simon.


The_Book_Queen said...

Ooh, I loved this series-- I read them all last year (in about a week) after my friend recommended them to me. Now I'm thankful that she did, because they quickly became one of my favorite YA series out there. ;)


Lea said...

I love this series so much! Meg Cabot is one of my favorite authors. I love how tough Suze is, and I adore Jesse. Man, I wish he was

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