Breathing by Cheryl Renne Herbsman Book Contest

Savannah meets Jackson. Jackson and Savannah fall in love. Jackson leaves, where does that leave Savannah?

[from amazon]: From BooklistEver since she was a child, Savannah has heard her mother tell the story of Savannah’s first asthma attack, which occurred on the day her dad left the family. Since then, breathing has been a challenge for Savannah. Enter Jackson Channing, a gorgeous 18-year-old who is visiting his cousins. As she spends time with Jackson, Savannah’s breathing problems begin to dissipate. Then Jackson leaves for home, and Savannah’s challenge is to learn to breathe on her own, without her daddy, without her mama’s vigilance, and without Jackson’s validating love. This debut novel is a sweet, low-key romance about a young couple who find true love early and struggle to stay together as they embrace their individual growing-up challenges. Herbsman has created likable characters and a coastal Carolina setting that will capture the reader’s imagination, and she subtly emphasizes the qualities that create supportive life partners. Although some may find the dialect a challenge, it is authentic, lyrical, and consistent. Readers will look forward to more from this talented new author. Grades 7-10. --Frances Bradburn

Mrs. Herbsman is holding a contest for a signed copy of Breathing and One copy of any 2009 Debs or Class of 2k9 book available by Sept. 1stWinners will be chosen on August 31,2009

Check out her site too! It's really cute:)


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Aw, that cover is so cute. I'll have to look into getting this to read, it sounds interesting!

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